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Nashua Robot Builders

NRB is an informal club of people who are interested in any or all aspects of robotics, and who enjoy sharing and learning from each other.
We welcome people (and robots) of all ages.

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About Us

If you're located within commuting distance of the Nashua, NH area (including northern MA) and you then please join in.


Meeting with robot, viewer, presentation slide.

Meetings are typically held at 6PM on the third Sunday of the month at MakeIt Labs 25 Crown Street, Nashua, NH. Time and place may change due to scheduling conflicts, or we sometimes visit other places.

Here's 25 Crown Street on Google Maps.

While there is some overlap between NRB and MakeIt Labs interests and membership, there's no "official" relationship — we're just guests in this new location. So, here are some guidelines to be polite guests:

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We currently use Discord for communications among ourselves. Here's the invite link:
Nonmembers who are interested/curious are welcome to create an account and ask questions.


Our wiki for postings by club participants is at


Our photos section has a serious caes of "bit-rot." We hope to have it back online soon.

Club History and Old Website

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The Nashua Robot Builders originally started around 1995 or so, and met monthly at the Nashua Public Library for several years until it became inactive in the mid-2000's. The old website from that era is preserved here for historical reasons.

After being dormant for several years the Nashua Robot Builders club rebooted in January 2015, and has been meeting more-or-less monthly ever since.

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