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Dec 96

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Nashua Robot Builder's December 96 Newsletter

By: John Cook

This month we were honored to have Joe Jones, author of Mobile Robots come to our club and share a little wisdom with us. Mobile Robots is Joe's definitive book on small, self propelled robots that helped re-start hobby robotics and gave us all a solid set of theory and examples to work with. Mobile Robots has now sold over 12,000 copies and has a companion kit for those who want to build the Rug Warrier kit described in the book.

Joe brought along a working Rug Warrier and showed off several of the behaviors he's come up with such as Turn to the Light, Run till you Bump, a couple of sound-activated behaviors that make Rug Warrier act alot like a Clapper, and a couple of "Bump and Reverse" behaviors a pair of 'bots can engage in and do a little dance around the place. Rug Warrier is a sound, solid little kit with a round metal frame, smooth, quiet geared motors, a nice clear bump skirt, a single board computer and a set of sensors for light, IR and sound.

I'd just like to thank Joe again for comming to talk to us and also Jay Francis who organised it. Thanks Jay!

Upcomming Events!!

Our calendar is full for the next several months so dont miss out!

Tour of PRI Automation, Billerica, MA. Makers of high-tech robot equipment. (Wow!) Sunday, Jan 12th 2pm. RSVP by Jan 5 please! (

Annual MIT Robot Contest. We go every year and its always fun! Wed Jan 29th, 6pm. MIT room 26-100

Warm up to Beacon finding Contest. Our next contest is a find the IR beacon game. Feb 5, 1pm, Nashua.

Becon Finding Contest! Can your bot home in on a 40 kHz IR beacon? March 8.

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