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While the Nashua Robot Builders (NRB) fully supports people "doing their own thing", we have come to reolize that for some people (especially those that are new to robot building), there is a steep learning and building curve. To remedy this, the NRB are putting together what we call our "Standard Platform Initiative".

At this point, there are two thoughts about a standard platform.

One group wants to put together all the documents and plans for an inexpesive build-it-yourself platform. We will then provide all the information (Bill of Materials, Vendor List, Assembly Instructions, Simple Starter Code, etc...) so that members will have a fairly simple and low cost platform when they finish building it.

The second thought is that we standardize on a production platform like Lego Mindstorms. This would provide a very standard base with many users across the world. Support and example code could come from all over, nit just our club.

 With either of the above ideas, the Club will help people with any questions/problems, and as interfaces, sensors and software. The club would also develop and keep a library of example software for the beginner to use as a starting point.

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