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The following links are some other interesting places that we thought you might like to check out.

Cool Robot of the Week (from NASA)

Development Tools and Robot Parts/Pieces

Ivex - Has a freeware version of a Schematic Capture and PCB Layout tool. It will do 100 pins in the Freeware configuration.

PCB123 - Board Schematic and Layout Software (FREE Downloadable Tools)

EXPRESSPCB - Board Schematic and Layout Software (FREE Downloadable Tools)

Handy Board Link

Parallax Corp, Makers of the Basic Stamp

Mondotronics Robot Store

Lynxmotion Robotics Hardware

Stepper Motor Control Tutorial

Engineering Services Inc. (ESI) - Consulting Company specializing in custom robotics systems for industry, medical, and military applications.

Internet Robotics Resources - A page with many useful links to great info and stuff

A "how to" page on soldering.

Contests and Demonstrations

Mobile Robots - Inspiration to Implementation

Fire Fighting Robot Contest - Held at Trinity College

Robot Contest FAQ

Aerial Robotics Competition

FIRST - School's robot competitions

BotBall Robot Contest



Robot Magazine

Microcontroller Journal

Electronics Virtual Trade Show

Nuts-N-Volts Magazine

Micro Robots Book

Robot Clubs/Groups

Dallas Personal Robot Group

Atlanta Hobby Robot Club

Lazy Toad Ranch

Central Illinois Robot Club

Twin Cities Robotics Group

Georgia Tech Robot Lab

Lulea University Detpartment of Robotics

Southern Oregon Robitcs Society

Art and Robotics Group

Vancouver Robot Club

The Robot Group of Austin, Tx

CRASH - Houston, Tx

San Fransisco Robot Society

Robotics and Automation Laboratory (RAL) - University of Toronto

Cool "Multiprocessor" Robot implimented with Basic Stamps

The KISS institute of practical robotics

Yet Another Robot Club

Other Robot Clubs

Misc. Robot Links

**** Another robotic starting point

Examples of many robot projects.

Arrick Robotics Homepage

Roboty Robotics Homepage

Corkyz Robotz (Basic Stamp Robot made of Xtra parts)

Robotics FAQ

Even more Robotics links

Yahoo Robotics Index

NPC Robotics - Leaders in DC Motor Design


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