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Sept 02

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Nashua Robot Builders (NRB) Newsletter

June 2000

The NRB meet the fourth Saturday of each month at the Nashua Public Library in Nashua.
(directions to the library)

Meetings start at 1pm.

You can find our web page at:

DATE:  Sat, 28 Sep 2002 23:20:19 -0400

SUBJECT: [nrb] report on the september 2002 nrb meeting
We had an active meeting with very good attendance today!

The attendance sheet lists: Sandy Eisenhandler, Chris Burian,
Joe Rothweiler, Nanu Swamy, Bob Shannon, Bob Gorman, Jay Francis,
Quentin Lewis, Joseph Ebbs, Aaron Conti, Naveena Swamy, and me,
Michael Pettengill aka mulp.

For those who were unable to make the meeting and as a reminder for
those who did attend, I'm putting to "pen" the following:
(in no particular order - in other words, I'm rambling....)

Mailing List management

The mailing list is managed by a robot called ezmlm. See the end of
this message for how one interacts with the list manager.

Web site

The new web site is but Quentin needs
the ftp account and password info to put the pages up.



Reminder, next weekend is Hosstraders in Hopkinton State Fairground -
see for details.  Note the event starts
on Friday morning at 9am, runs through the night, and ends Saturday.

Robotech Center Opening

Look for an article on RobotechCenter in the Nashua Telegraph and the
grand opening on Oct 10th and 12th.  More info on the opening will be
forthcoming. or

This is an exciting new venture put together by Naveena and Nanu Swamy,
with help from Jay.Naveena reported that Mindstorm marketing has
been convinced by their experience with their summer camp "prototype"
to lower the age range to age 9+.

I'm increasingly convinced that the "oughts" ('00s) will be the decade
of robots or robotics, like the 80s are known for PCs and the 90s
for the net. I wouldn't expect this decade to be driven by "innovative"
corporations any more than the PC or net were. It's going to be the grass roots
efforts, the fun, but not necessarily profitable, ventures that create foundation
the next wave of change.

nrb meeting schedule

The nrb schedule for the rest of 2002 is
October 26, 2002
November 23, 2002
(Thanksgiving is the 28th)
December 28, 2002 (Christmas is the preceding Wednesday, New Years eve is
the following Tuesday)


Mini Sumo

We have at least one committed sumo robot builder in the group, so if
you have an interest in such competition, focus on the mini sumo class,
competing on the 30 inch ring. Chris Burian will try to get his list
of links out to the list, but I'm sure that he will find more joy in
responding to queries and comments, (at least I find myself responding to
interesting questions and topics first and putting off writing papers for my
classes to the last moment). Send queries and comments to the list to awaken the
interest of others....


In the past, members have brought excess parts to swap; let's resume
the practice.  As you're pawing through your junk boxes, or even your prime
parts bins, look out for odd, but useful items that you've been meaning
to find a use for a year or five, or you just can't bear to throw it out,
but don't know what you'd use if for, set it aside and bring it to the next
meeting. The only rule has to be that if you bring something, you have
to make sure that it goes home with someone - we don't want to incur the
wrath of the library by leaving behind junk they have to pay to dispose of.

Robotics Engineer
NH Hanover               Full Time

mulp - Chief JOAT and former cluster buster
Michael Pettengill


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